OpenCIOC Project Vision

Moving forward the OpenCIOC Project will continue to have a vision that connects with what it does best:

  • Leverage ideas and resources of a community of participants to benefit all users
  • Provide flexible and adaptive content and data management tools
  • Recognize and address the differing needs of staff, the public, and community partners
  • Support organizations with a wide range of resources and technical abilities by providing a spectrum of data searching and access tools
  • Empower content creators by giving them tools to directly provide a range of services to data consumers
  • Leverage data formatting and exchange standards to facilitate data access and collaboration opportunities

Project Vision: Supporting a Spectrum of Data Projects


  • Integrated content and site management tools to facilitate inexpensive, flexible portal solutions for public and staff


  • Suite of tools to allow easy integration into external sites
  • Support common 3rd party CMS: WordPress, Joomla, etc.


  • Support 3rd Party custom platform development
  • Live access to data through standard and custom APIs


  • Support for a variety of data exchange formats
  • High-reliability, efficient tools for import and export

Current Project Roadmap (An Overview)

Phase I: Vision-Aligned Development

Phase II: Transition to Cloud Hosting

Phase III: Participation and Access