Feature Tracker Software

The CIOC Feature Tracker was created to meet the need of the CIOC end-user community to communicate and rank their priorities for software changes and track features in past and future releases. See it in action at features.cioc.ca.

The source code repository for this project is available at https://github.com/OpenCIOC/featuretracker

About the Feature Tracker...

The Feature Tracker is intended to facilitate release planning and communication from a customer/end-user perspective. It is intended to help solicit feature ideas from end users and understand demand. It allows users to review features under various stages of consideration, see what is planned, understand the effort/costs of requests, and more. Features of the Feature Tracker include:

Although this software was purpose-built for CIOC's own needs, we would welcome external contributions to make this a more generic application more useful for any project.

Looking for Documentation? if there is demand for it, we'll consider making additional documentation available. Let us know!