CIOC CMS Plug-ins

Integrate data from your CIOC Applications into a WordPress or Joomla site using the CIOC CMS plug-ins. Don't use WordPress or Joomla? Re-use the Open Source PHP Code from these plug-ins to do integration in any PHP-based website or CMS.

WordPress User Reference - Community Information Feed Plug-in »

WordPress User Reference - Volunteer Opportunities Feed Plug-in »

WordPress User Reference - CIOC Remote Search and Details Plug-in »

Joomla User Reference - CIOC Remote Search and Details Extension »

The code repositories for this project are available at:

About the CIOC CMS Plug-ins...

The currently available CIOC CMS plug-ins are of two types: "Basic Feed" (limited lists of records tied to an existing public website) and "Remote Search and Details" allowing more full featured site development. Basic Data Feeds are ideal for integrating small lists of records and categories supported by an existing OpenCIOC-based public website, but do not have the full customization capabilities of the full CIOC Remote Search & Details API. Setup of the full API plug-ins require significantly more setup in and access to the underlying dataqbase vs. the Basic Feed.