Data and Classifications

Application guides, written in Restructured Text, targeted at end-users and 3rd party application developers.

We're working on it! Only a small selection of documentation is currently available to the public. We'll update this page as more is available.

About CIOC End-User Documentation...

Before the OpenCIOC Project, end-user documentation was avaialble only in private websites and within the applications themselves. As part fo the Open CIOC project, we will be gradually migrating these help files to publicly available documentation repositories.

Published user manuals are available at:

Contributing to Documentation

All documentation is kept in source control. Our preferred documentation system is Sphinx which uses Restructured Text for markup. Completed documentation is posted to

The source code repositories for this project are available at:

As it is available, translation files for documentation will be posted to the OpenCIOC Transifex site at