Internationalization (Translations)

Most CIOC software and data products are available in Canadian English and French, but have the capability to be extended to other languages.

As projects are released, their related translations projects will be made avialable on the OpenCIOC Transifex site at

About CIOC Internationalization

The default language for all CIOC Applications and data is Canadian English, and almost all resources are also available with a Canadian French translation. Those wishing to begin a translation to another language can submit their translations via the applicable Transifex project(s). Transifex is a tool for managing internationalization projects (translations), and it works with the .po/.pot files used by most CIOC applications. Some data projects use simple text files for managing translations. Because Transifex includes a friendly user interface for translation management, there is no technical knowledge required to contribute to this project, but contributors must be pre-approved.