Connecting Volunteers:

This software module is designed for storing and searching Volunteer Opportunities, Volunteer Referrals, and Volunteer Centre membership. Potential Volunteers may create custom search profiles and be notified of new Opportunities matching their criteria. This module operates co-operatively with the Community Resources module, which is used to store contact information and details about the Organizations and Programs offering opportunities. This module is a feature of the CIOC Online Resources application.

Connecting Volunteers:
This module is part of the Online Resources application; please view the details of that project for information on the Open Source Project.


Numerous Customizable Search Options

Easy-to-Use Data Management Tools

Multi-language Support

Volunteer Profiles

Potential Volunteers can:

Volunteer Centre Membership Management

Referral Tracking

Classification Systems

Custom Portals / Views

Customizable Security Model

Full Data Change History

Print Publications

Standards Support

Built-in Help System


Client-Tracker Integration